Why you should take your friend's advice and join them on the Critique Wheel

Dear writers,

You have probably been sent this link by a writer friend who would like you to join them on the critique wheel. In this post, I'll outline some benefits that you, the writer, can enjoy if you join your friend on the Critique Wheel.

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Improve your craft faster

So many pitfalls –especially with rewriting– can be directly attributed to not knowing what’s working in your text and what isn’t. You can only really understand the process of rewriting from learning and experience. Getting objective and actionable critique on your work in progress accelerates that learning. We all need other eyes on our words.

The Critique Wheel is an easy to use and free critique exchange for fiction writers. Your fellow writers share their combined experience to give your work an objective critique. You’ll learn too, how to be more objective with your own writing, recognise its strengths and rework its weaknesses by critiquing the work of others.

Writing is hard, so on the Critique Wheel we share what we understand your text is about, where it is strong, where it needs work, and offer some suggestions on how to tackle the rewrite. And that's all we ask in return –your best effort to write an honest, respectful critique.

This approach is valid for rewriting flash fiction, all the way up to a novel.

I’m convinced that our approach in the Critique Wheel will improve your craft. In fact, I know it will, because that approach has served all us well, working on our own texts both long and short alike.

Good Critique will help to reduce rewrite time

You know writing is rewriting, but if you can’t see what's working, what isn't, and where to focus your rewrite, there's a real possibility you'll be going around in circles for a long time. This can get pretty frustrating, pretty fast.

You can save yourself a lot of time and heartache if you get some insights into work in progress before you rewrite it. Learning more and faster means you can use these insights in your future works too. Your early drafts will be better for it.

Wrapping Up

You'll get a lot out of the Critique Wheel and it can be a effective tool to help you achieve your writing goals. There's a private discord server for follow-up questions, writerly chat and sharing tips. It's there as an option for writers who want to meet and hangout with other writers. We celebrate each other's successes, offer support and encouragement and allow ourselves to explore this wonderful world of words we inhabit.

Did I mention it's free? That's right, it's free.

If you’re already using the Critique Wheel and want to invite a writer friend to enjoy developing their craft in this respectful and supportive space, by all means, send them a link to this post.

If you find yourself dreading your rewrites, it's likely you're not clear on what you are trying to achieve. Participating in the Critique Wheel will help you improve your writing, fast, both for your current work in progress and your future pieces.

So, do you want to join your friend on the critique wheel?